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World Markets is an online award-winning web-based investment platform which enables individuals to reach uncorrelated but lucrative financial returns by trading in both digital and precious metals. The company launched in 2021 as a premier precious metals dealer. Since then, the company has expanded its offerings, including stock options, foreign exchange, commodities, derivatives, and more. The company’s goal is to help individual traders create more income through an easy-to-use investment strategy.

To access the World Markets portal, a buyer may open a free demo account which helps in the assessment of one’s risk appetite for trading on the platform. After evaluating the platform’s features and benefits, an individual trader can open a standard account. During the opening process, a buyer’s profile is created which acts as his guide for future transactions. Buyers are assigned a personalized virtual trading account which acts as their primary and temporary trading account. Buyers can use this account to learn more about the World Markets platform, the various trading strategies available on the site, and how to go about making trades on the forex market.

Once an individual trader has established himself on the platform by successfully completing a practice trade on the demo account, he may move to open a standard or select account. Buyers and sellers on the World Markets service trade on the same virtual exchange. Buyers use the integrated “buy now” feature to place orders on the platform while sellers use the “sell now” feature to retrieve and cancel their orders on the platform. Buyers and sellers may use their personal addresses as online payment methods. To ensure that all transactions are secure, World Markets offers a customized web server with 128 bit encryption. An online login is required to access this server and personal information.

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