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World Markets Review

World Markets claims to be the leading provider of online investment services that offers both fixed and flexible investment products that are suited for all different income levels. It has branches in Switzerland and Hong Kong as well as Australia and Singapore. However, it is said that not a lot of people are aware that they even have an opportunity to invest money in these markets. That is because of the fact that the majority of investors who would want to invest money in the markets choose to only use the services of professional financial advisors.

Despite having a strong reputation for its impressive portfolio, World Markets did receive a few negative feedbacks from some of its users and some customers. For one, it is said that World Markets lacks the minimum deposit feature that is commonly offered by most other online financial markets. Minimum deposit means that you are required to open a trading account with a minimal amount or a very low amount as compared to the market capitalization of the various stock or option products that are on offer in World Markets. Another thing that is said about World Markets is that it lacks an automated clearing house platform that is commonly offered by most of the other online investment companies. This is a negative point for potential investors who would like to get their money in the markets as soon as possible and who want to see that their investments are getting properly managed by an investment firm.

However, World Markets has maintained a good reputation as far as its service and execution of trades is concerned. The brokerage firm also received a few negative comments from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission over an issue regarding the manner in which World Markets allowed an investor to trade stocks without having a minimum deposit. However, the Commission reassured that the matter has been rectified and all trades that had been cancelled due to the situation will be allowed to resume once again. The Commission also stated that all records of transactions were handled in accordance with the provisions of the law and that there was no evidence that any illegal activities had taken place. The Commission also added that it was considering putting in place measures to ensure compliance with minimum requirements for trading, including the provision of trading advice to investors.

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