World Markets

World Markets Review – What World Markets Really Offers

World Markets was launched in 1998 with the intention of providing a platform for international trading. It has been successful to a large extent and many traders, dealing in all kinds of currencies have turned it into one of the leading virtual stock markets. Initially World Markets was simply broker for forex currencies, but gradually its role as an investment platform with managed account has also been its primary feature. Virtual artificial intelligence is currently managing its performance and trading accounts from the years in which it has been active in the market: World Markets promises to have offices from Switzerland, Norway, China and Iceland. Its trading platform is largely based on chart patterns, some support services and some integrated technology solutions.

Trading is generally done through a standard account using World Markets platform. Traders may trade in either two or three foreign exchange pairs, gold and commodities are some of the most popular offered by World Markets. They may open up a demo account to practice trading with. Although the company offers free trade signals and other promotion gimmicks, no commissions are given and no commission fees are paid to traders.

If you are new to the world of trading, and particularly if you are new to the markets, it is suggested that you start with the demo account before you move on to open a standard or managed account. The demo account will help you to learn about the platform and familiarize yourself with how to use it. Once you have gained confidence you can then go ahead and open a standard or managed account and gain more experience in trading the various pairs of currencies that are offered by World Markets. The company offers various trading strategies to choose from, and a variety of charts to analyze and select from. The World Markets review concludes with the firm’s high transparency and their policy of maintaining their clients’ privacy at all times.

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