Many believe that World Markets is the center of all evil. They say that the World Bank, the United Nations, and the World Trade Organization have a lot to do with the issues of the poor around the world. If you have ever been to a World Market, you will know that it is the middle person, the one negotiating the deals for all the countries involved in trade. Sometimes they come into the meeting prepared and sometimes they do not. This means that sometimes they make decisions that benefit the country that is being talked about while at other times they make decisions that will hurt that country. The overall effect is that the poor feel that they are getting no benefit at all.

If the poor go down the road and meet the rich who are trading on the World Market the poor will feel very upset and jealous. If the poor go to the World Market and find that they are getting very little in return for their hard earned money they will be very upset because they did not ask for this and now they are stuck with it. I think that the World Markets is a positive thing because they give everybody a chance to get out there and try their hand at trading. It does not matter what race you are or what economic background you come from. Whether you are rich or poor, everybody can go and play in the World Markets because after all it is a place for everybody.

It is just sad that the poor people of the world feel that they are losing everything when they go down to the World Markets to try to get a piece of the pie. I personally believe that if the poor people could get back into school and learn how to handle their finances properly they would find that the World Markets is a good place to start over. Perhaps you will consider all this in 2021.

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