World Markets Week is a British magazine covering the global economy. Issues are released every Tuesday, bringing you everything you need to know about world markets, with an economic perspective. This magazine includes important economic reading topics like: world markets, stock market trends, European news, manufacturing reports and other related economic and business content. Issues have a broad coverage and are packed with valuable information.

The magazine discusses all major economic issues with an economic slant. It brings this perspective to all sectors of business and industry, giving important information on the state of the American economy, the condition of the Asian market, and the developing economies around the world. The magazine highlights emerging economies and discusses what future implications could result from a faltering U.S. dollar and rising inflation. It also examines the world’s biggest and most important financial markets, the political and financial consequences of events in Europe, Asia, and the United States, and the effect of climate change on business. In addition, it discusses how various factors could affect world trade, and what steps need to be taken to protect the global economy.

Issues of World Markets Week include an explanation of world interest rates, a discussion of the euro and other currencies, and general economic and business news. Issues also examine the emerging economies of South America and Central Asia, the political and economic implications of events in Iraq and Iran, and the political and economic potential of China. Finally, the magazine discusses the emerging Asian economic powerhouses, the prospects for change in China and India, and the prospects for growth in Brazil and other emerging markets. This magazine is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in global business and economic discussions.

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