World Markets is an online and physical broker which provides a wide range of investment products to professional, retail investors, and beginner traders alike. The company specializes in both the Bullion (Precious metals and digital silver trading) and Digital Gold trading since its inception in 2003 with a remarkable amount of $ 225M of precious metals and digitally mined gold bullion sold worldwide. With the introduction of the Internet to the trading world, more people have become involved in World Markets as a result. Although the initial fees associated with any online trading may seem quite high, the ease of accessing the information needed by investors has made it possible for many people to get started with their own investment accounts. In addition, with the current unstable economy, the unemployment rate in the United States is on the rise, and it is becoming even more difficult for the average person to secure a job.

Before opening an account with World Markets, you will need to research from several brokerage firms, determine which ones provide the best deals in terms of commission structure, trading platforms, customer service and account types and the firm’s location. After researching several brokerage firms, select a few that interest you the most and make an appointment to visit the firm to review their platform and software platform. You can either download the platform software at home or take the tour to the World Markets location. Once you are at the location, review all of the available services provided by the broker such as, trading platforms, account types, customer service, etc. Once you are satisfied with their service and your selection process was successful, then you are ready to sign up for an account.

At this point, it is important to understand that the majority of brokers provide trading in three tiers: Global, Breakout and Top Layer. Global markets provide access to a variety of countries and markets where many investors have accounts. Some examples of these markets are: China, India, Japan, South Korea, Middle East, Europe and other Developed Economies. Breakout markets are markets where many new investors have recently gained access through high profile brokers like Warren Buffet, Stanley Druckemiller and others. Finally, Top Layer provides access to only the top tier of global markets.

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