World Markets

Buying and Trading on the Global Exchange

World Markets is a leading award-winning international investment platform which allows individuals to obtain relevant, correlated good returns by trading in both physical precious metals and various other financial assets. The company has been launched in 2003 as a premier precious metals trader. The company’s flagship product, World Markets Gold Miners, is designed to help investors discover the best investment opportunities in emerging and developing world markets. By way of a unique system known as the Price Action Approach, the company studies precious metal price movements on a day-to-day basis. Once it identifies a profitable opportunity, the market robot then executes trades in the open through a specially developed system, enabling maximize profits for all its customers.

The standard and custom commission accounts of World Markets are backed up by a powerful system developed internally at the business premises, giving customers access to real time information regarding the market, making transactions as painless as possible. Customers can test their strategies and decide whether to trade on the platform using a free trial account, or to open a standard or custom account to start trading with. Although World Markets offers a number of different options for its clients to choose from, no other forex broker offers as many flexible and convenient trading options as the company does. This means that even those who have previous experience with forex trading can quickly learn how to use the platform without having to take large risks, and start making money right away.

When using the World Markets Gold Miner, customers have the option to access the standard account, which features no exchange rate deposits, or a high interest savings account. They can also opt for a mini cash account that only requires a one-time transaction fee, but allows more account flexibility. Alternatively, they can open a World Markets Diamond Dashboard, a specialized trading platform exclusively for diamond dealers that allows customers to place limit orders using diamond pricing at any time.

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