World Markets is an award winning international investment platform which allows individuals to achieve Uncorrelated variable returns by trading in both physical precious metals and digital assets. The company was launched in 2021 as an exclusive precious metals dealer. It was one of the first dealers to focus on investing in silver and gold and became a world leader in the investment in precious metals. In the last several years the company has seen a steady growth and obtained the status of a premier global precious metal dealer.

This multi-trading firm offers two types of accounts, a standard account and a custom trading account. Customers can use the standard account for simple buying and selling transactions as well as using the custom account to set up a customized investment portfolio with one or many shares selected from the World Markets standard inventory. The custom trading accounts enable customers to select their own options such as trading hours, market hours, margin, exchange rate, broker, and additional asset classes such as equities.

The standard and custom brokerage accounts have additional features such as live help, advice, research tools, online account management and customer assistance. The World Markets website provides information on the services provided by the brokerage firm itself. The website offers a list of the top performing World Markets stock broking firms as ranked by customers. The website also provides information on the various brokerages, which are available in the market.

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