3 Universal Currencies Used in Forex Trading

Currencies are standardized units of foreign currency that are allowed to be traded internationally. Generally speaking, all nations have their own coins and their own money. But some countries issue their own currency in convertible form so that others may know how much they are spending abroad without having to convert it first. A common unit of currency is the US dollar. However, other countries also use their own currency to trade with one another. These countries include China, Japan, the UK, and the euro.

In the United States, currencies are usually issued by the central government and are usually issued in tetra-azine form. When in circulation or use as a medium of trade, normally issued coins and banknotes. These are considered legal tender and are accepted worldwide for trading purposes. However, trading of these currencies involves a lot of risks, which is why the buying and selling of these currencies is usually done through banks, brokerage houses and other establishments that deal with trading and the exchange of currencies.

Currencies trading usually involves a lot of transactions. You make a trade by buying one currency at a low price and then selling the same at a higher price. The profit you earn is a result of the difference in value between the two trades. Although this is a very simple concept, there are three universal currencies that are used in most Forex trading – the US dollar, the Japanese yen, and the Euro.

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