Bier (Beer)

IMG_1642Charleston’s own Holy City Brewery Presents:

Holy City Pilsner

The first flagship beer in the Holy City arsenal is this version of a traditional Bohemian-style Pilsner, with significantly amped-up hops, imparting a wonderfully sharp bite to what’s already a dry, crisp affair. This beer will quench your thirst and please your palate all in one glass…but you’ll probably want a second.

Washout Wheat

Named for a locally-loved section of Folly Beach, Washout Wheat is a wheat beer that is excellent in hot weather. The overdone spice additions of coriander and orange peel were checked at the door, and instead let the wheat and the yeast work their respective magic. The notes of banana and clove come entirely from that magic, not from any additional ingredients. The end result is a no frills wheat experience, one that quenches your thirst with no extra hang-ups.

Pluff Mud Porter

Pluff mud [plŭff-mŭd], noun, A mixture of dirt and water indigenous to the marshes of the South Carolina Lowcountry, with a distinct odor that’s endearing to locals, but off-putting to tourists and redcoats.

This flagship beer was an effort to bring the American Porter style to the Charleston market proper, while also remaining appealing as the mercury rises. It presents (and smells) like a classic porter, with subtle chocolate notes and a silky finish, but the medium body and tame ABV keep it refreshing at all times. Enjoy this throughout the year, in or out of the marsh.


Rhine Wines Served:

Spatburgunder – German Pinot Noir – Medium bodied Red perfectly pairs with your afternoon of dancing.

Reisling – Crisp, Dry, medium white, not too sweet wine. Germany’s finest, of course!